Thursday, 30 January 2014

What Does Squared Online Mean To You?

The Squared Online Digital Marketing Course, from Google offers students the opportunity to develop, strengthen and learn the very latest developments and understanding, within the Digital Marketing and Social Media industry. 

For myself, Squared Online means 'KNOWLEDGE', having a true understanding of the digital industry and how to use my skills effectively to create strategies, relate to customer and fan bases and market products and services to the best of my abilities, using the tools available online. In addition, I'm looking forward to making some great new friends along the journey!

For some, the word 'OPPORTUNITY' - developing the knowledge and know how, to better your career prospects. I have already spoken to a number of Squared students who have referred to Squared as a method of standardisation, a way for clients and agents to hire staff knowing they have the key skills, leadership and learning behind them to remain competitive in the marketplace, or who may be able to offer additional input or speciality around online advertising, community engagement or web analytics as a result.

LEARNING, CONFIDENCE, SELF-FULFILMENT, NETWORKING are some other examples used by others to describe what the course means to them.

For each student, Squared has a different meaning, so what does Squared Online mean to you? Post below with your comments!